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This Broadway-style musical soundtrack is in beginning level French, but there is nothing elementary about the music! Kyle Dillingham wrote all the songs on Il Fait Beau (It's A Beautiful Day) for "Language and Lyrics," a program he developed a few years ago with Dennis Dunham, Executive Director of The Office of Global Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma, to help people learn French through story and song.


The story is set in Paris. It’s a French violinist, Benoit Laurent, who comes along and saves the life of a young, very rich Parisian heiress, Marie-Anne Cartier. After saving her, he’s walking her back to her hotel and they start falling in love. But when he figures out she’s rich, he decides he wants nothing to do with her. And that intrigues her. There’s a lot of drama that occurs, but in the end, it turns out to be a very happy story.

Il Fait Beau (CD)

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